The Chesterfield Restoration is from the early nineteen hundreds and was used as both a sofa and a day bed. At the front, you will see the mechanical brass handles used to position the arms at different angles. Provincial Upholstery designed and made replacement handles for this project.

The images show the state in which this chesterfield arrived. At first, you see an old, worn piece of furniture and wonder ‘how am I going to be able to re-upholster this and give it some character?’

As you can see I removed all of the old upholstery and materials to the bare frame and then the whole transformation process began.

We started by using only traditional materials such as herringbone webbings, springs, cord/flax, horsehair and many other materials used in traditional upholstery. I slowly rebuilt the back and eventually the seat using traditional methods.

Eventually, we came to the calico stage and then finally to covering it with leather. Once the leather had been positioned and finalized, a combination of waxes and other products were used (along with a keen eye for detail) to bring out the patina and character.