Frame making is a craftsmanship all on its own. As an upholsterer, Carlos has taken the initiative to learn how to restore and re-create antique frames with the help of good restorers and frame makers.

The main intention Carlos holds for frame making is that when an antique item comes to his workplace that needs repairing, he is able to repair what is broken to its original state, by using the frames’ original materials. Carlos strives to ensure that its repaired in this way so that the frames still hold there own, significantly true, value.

Along with learning how to restore what is broken, Carlos has also learnt on how to re-create antique furniture. Carlos is therefore able to create sets of furniture, or make furniture to particular specifications that a client might require.

As seen in the images, you are able to see a sofa that was made to a particular size and specification that a customer requested.To enquire about frame making please contact us.