At Provincial Upholstery, recovering furniture involves the removal of the old leather/fabric so that all is left is the existing padding, and essentially, re-covering it with the new leather/fabric.

Unfortunately, many upholsterers skip this time consuming step of removing every nail/staple to fully remove the old leather/fabric. This means the end result is not only hindered, but the internal state of the chair is ignored. This can cost the upholsterer and client time and money, resulting in dissatisfaction across the board.

Carlos strives to provide the best quality of work possible. So when a client wishes to recover their furniture, he understands that it is a costly and time consuming process, which is why he refuses to skip this step. He feels that dropping the quality of the finished product, for the sake of cutting costs, undermines the whole recover to begin with.

So only after the original cover has been removed, will Carlos inspect the condition of the chair (frame and padding), and advise the client on what/if any amendments need to be made. If all is well, then he will seal the padding with a layer of calico, preparing and creating the correct contours for the final layer of leather/fabric. Finally, the leather/fabric can be cut, sewn, and moulded into place, ensuring all pleats, edges and surfaces are clean and precise.