Re-upholstery is a process of removing all of the upholstery down to the furnitures bare frame. It’s at this stage that the frame can be repaired if necessary, and then upholstered from scratch.

Carlos specialises in traditional upholstery but also provides contemporary upholstery. This gives the client a choice as to which style will be used, and in turn, the methods and materials that are involved

Carlos is flexible and respects each clients’ time and budget. That’s why he provides options for the client to decide on, all of which will never compromise on quality because every job that leaves his workshop must meet his standards.

This emphasis on doing a ‘job well done’ as he says proceeds the importance of reputation, but more importantly, the clients safety. If he were to turn a blind eye to the condition of a chair/ a chair wasn’t thoroughly inspected to ensure it was seat-worthy, then safety of the customers may be put at risk.