Carlos takes pride in the fact that he is one of the few remaining craftsmen to emboss leather by hand. He says, “i’ve always found the art intriguing on how they transformed leather into something that speaks to you. Something that tells a story.’
Leather embossing has been around for hundreds of years, and it first began in the Renaissance period along with Islamic Peninsular influences. This art involves a large set of small handmade tools to suit the shapes and designs every stencil requires. As shown in the images, a design is chosen, drawn onto the leather and then carved. During this process the leather is in its most neutral state so that once it’s placed onto the furniture, it can be dyed to the desired colour.

Over the years this ancient art has been reduced to machine manufacturing. This standardised approach mass produces unoriginal patterns without imperfections/variations/character. This gives the leather that undesired, artificial and cheap look.

Carlos proudly persists to emboss leather by hand as a respect for the craft, but also for the many benefits it gives. One is the ability to re-size the “drawing/pattern” according to the item it is to be placed upon such as sofas, chairs trunks and beds. Another is the ability to carve the clients own designs into the leather to create a truly unique and treasured heirloom. Carlos is more than happy to emboss any design you wish, be it traditional floral pieces, statues, urns or specific period stylings such as Barroco, Rococo, Neoclassic and Arte Nova or even your own designs. Just provide a sketch or photo of your desired style and he will do his best to faithfully recreate it in the leather.

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